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Volvo, Care by Volvo

We created the app that helped Volvo be named Time Magazine's Genius Company of the Year, and changed car ownership forever

Cars have been launched, sold, purchased and driven the same way for decades. Volvo is always looking to revolutionize the way we drive and the consumer relationship. Volvo needed to  launch its  XC40, a progressive new vehicle in the growing compact SUV segement. This paticular segment is very popular with younger consumers, so the approach needed to have a millenial mentality. At the LA Auto Show, Volvo unveiled details around their new susbcription model, Care By Volvo. The XC40 is similar to an iPhone in many ways, from how you buy it, to how seamlessly it works in your life. And because the XC40 does for cars what Apple has done for tech, we launched the car as a  mobile app called Care By Volvo. It allows consumers to customize their car, apply for it, and pay their deposit using Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or a credit card. This first-ever subscription model allows consumers to subscribe digitally to a new XC40 and pay a flat monthly fee which includes financing, insuarance, and maintenance. The brief was simple: create buzz and momentum around the new XC40 in anticipation of the launch in spring 2018. Mission accomplished.