Science Will Win


Brought to You By Science

When you want to save humans from disease, ask science

With the rising tide of scepticism, division, and anti-science sentiment becoming more pervasive in society, Pfizer asked Grey to help answer the call. Pfizer was prepared to commit its size and resources to pioneer science at scale, and needed help in communicating its message. The onset of COVID-19 only then made this task more urgent than ever.

Until Science Makes the Breakthrough, It Isn’t Done


Partnering with Pfizer, Grey unveiled an optimistic, hopeful campaign called “Science Will Win.” The impact was immediately recognised around the world. Substantial reputation uplifts included a supporting message by President Joe Biden, the EU President, and amplifying social media content from doctors, scientists, and patients all around the world.


The impacts to brand and business were immediate. The campaign helped drive a decrease in the ratio of science versus anti-science posts by 33%. After the campaign, 40% of American respondents expressed they now had a more favorable view of pharma. In this case, science did win.


Respondents more favorable to Pfizer after campaign


Increase in Pfizer brand awareness

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