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Street configurator

Capture it, configure it, create it.

As the biggest sales event of the year, attracting half a million visitors and accounting for 30% of Volvo’s annual sales, the cancellation of the Brussels Motor Show due to COVID-19 posed a challenge. Forced to reimagine this important cultural touchpoint, where people could previously experience the craftsmanship, detail and innovation of Volvo first hand - the Volvo Configurator was born.

The Future of Car Buying


While showrooms were closed, Volvo turned the streets into their showroom, with the launch of the Volvo Street Configurator. Leveraging advanced AI, able to identify fine configuration details across the Volvo range, people were empowered to scan Volvo’s that they passed in the streets to configure their ideal vehicle in under 60 seconds. The press called the Street Configurator the future of car buying - and with annual configuration up 10%, leading to 56% more test drives and 29% more offer requests than the year before, consumers agreed.

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But the ultimate metric will always be cars sold. So with prospects that used the Street Configurator displaying a 175% higher conversion rate, resulting in a record breaking month of sales for Volvo Belgium - the ultimate metric was driven home. Such was the success of the tool, other countries are now taking the wheel in turning their streets into the next showroom.

175% higher

Conversion rate

4492 Sales

In one month

“An innovation like this meets both our commercial and global sustainability objectives, a great solution that also fits perfectly into the evolution we’re making towards online sales.”
Collin Vermoesen, Commercial marketing and business manager for Volvo Cars BeLux
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