Hoffman, Hoffman, Hoffman & Hoffman


Rick Hoffman is Everyone Everywhere All At Once

Lawyers Should Be Lawyering

B2B advertising for legal practice management programs can be as dull as the programs themselves – and highly commoditised in feature-focused communication.

Grey Midwest helped PracticePanther cut through the sea of sameness by creating a highly resonating and hilariously entertaining spot featuring ‘Suits’ Rick Hoffman as a multidimensional lawyer who’s failing at every role in “Hoffman, Hoffman, Hoffman, and Hoffman”.

A humorous portrayal of small & mid-sized law firms


Legal practice management programs have increasingly become commoditized in the U.S. market, both in offerings and communication. With nearly 50% of the market yet to adopt a software tool like theirs, PracticePanther needed to maximize their growth opportunity quickly by getting more lawyers to know about them and their solutions.

“Lawyers Should Be Lawyering” was created to do just that – stand out and grab immediate attention with PracticePanther’s brand spokesperson, Rick Hoffman, who is well known and loved for his role in ‘Suits’, one of the most popular legal TV dramas in the U.S.

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Carol Cooper
“This fun TVC for the law practice management platform sees Suits star Rick Hoffman play an overworked lawyer who needs four versions of himself to get the job done.”
“Rick Hoffman wittingly portrays the heroic daily workloads that hard-working, often overwhelmed, legal practitioners at small law firms shoulder to both serve their clients and run their business effectively.”
Muse by Clio
“Suits actor Rick Hoffman gets a tad beside himself in “Lawyers Should Be Lawyering,” a fresh campaign for PracticePanther.”

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“You guys have truly been a rockstar team! Could not be more thrilled with the final product.”