Safety for Our Planet


The Ultimate Safety Test

Why Volvo is changing to all-electric

Front collision tests. Side impact test. Offroad flip tests. How about a 100-foot drop from a crane placed in the arctic circle? As the ultimate pioneers in safety, Volvo Cars was determined to take on the Ultimate Safety Test.

Refusing to Take a Back Seat


It turns out that Volvo Cars is more concerned about a different type of 100-foot drop. The automotive industry accounts for 9% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. To help provide a more sustainable, more safe future for all, Grey helped the inventors of the 3-point safety belt put sustainability at the heart of their brand.

Design Boom
This bold campaign represents a new chapter for volvo cars.
Has a dramatic twist and a vital message.
Mike Johnstone, Head of Central Marketing & Brand
Sustainability is now as important as safety to us.

The Ultimate Safety Test announcement marked a firm and public commitment to the world. Volvo Cars will now fully electrify their fleet in a few years time, and Volvo Cars is putting in place a new operation to reduce the lifecycle carbon footprint per vehicle by 40 percent by 2025.


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Of all sales to be electric by 2025

“Climate change is the ultimate safety test.”
Volvo Cars
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