Original Sin or Original Snack?


The Unforbidden Fruit

Appealing to the world’s biggest influencer to finally restore the reputation of the Forbidden Fruit.

Poor diets kill more people globally than tobacco and high blood pressure. To help fight this issue, and promote a healthier diet, ‘Dole Sunshine Company’, the largest fruit provider in the world, committed to getting good nutrition to all who need it, wanted to get the world talking about the importance of fruit. But how do you make fruit interesting enough to spark a global conversation?

No Fruit Should Be Forbidden


On International Fruit Day 2022, Dole wrote a tongue-in-cheek letter to His Holiness, Pope Francis, to rectify the biggest PR disaster in the history of fruit: the calamity of Original Sin. Published in the only newspaper he reads, La Repubblica, the letter sought to redeem the reputation of the ‘forbidden fruit’. They didn’t ask for a lot. Just a tiny change to the Bible, replacing the word “fruit” for any other unhealthy snack, like donuts. Tapping into the world’s biggest influencer, without really expecting him to lift a finger. Today, more than ever, no fruit should be forbidden.

Dole Letter

Media impressions in just a few days.


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Design TAXI
“Dole Appeals to the Pope to Redeem the Misunderstood Apple.”
Tasting Table
“On World Fruit Day, Dole is seeking absolution from Pope Francis.”
Ad Age
“Dole begs absolution for fruit in an open letter to Pope Francis.”