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Swedish Tourist Association

The Swedish Number

Celebrating 250 years of free speech

In 1766, Sweden made the historic decision to abolish censorship. In recognition of Sweden’s ability to freely express themselves, The Swedish Tourist Association wanted to invite more people to learn about Sweden. Introducing: The Swedish Number. As the first country in the world, Sweden got its own phone number, where any outside caller could connect with a random Swede. In the name of free speech, you could talk about anything.

A Hotline to Speak Your Mind


Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden, joined in as a telephone ambassador and responded to calls by international strangers wanting to learn more about Sweden. Accessible by a simple telephone number, The Swedish Number gave the control of the country’s image to the people of Sweden themselves.

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With over 253 days worth of calls were made, over 1 million incoming calls came in from across the world, and 9.1 billion impressions reached with zero media spend, The Swedish Number became the ultimate embodiment and celebration of freedom of speech.


Countries calling


Of media value with zero media spend

9.1 Billion


“Don’t worry, I understand Sweden has its own telephone number where you can call a Swede and learn about all things Swedish.”
Barack Obama, upon returning from his Presidential visit to Sweden