Postpone to Stop Postponing


The Postponed Day

One Breast Cancer Day a Year is Not Enough

Alarming statistics in Argentina, revealed that 40% of women at risk-age failed to undergo their annual mammograms, and a shocking 20% had never had one, citing a lack of time or caregiving and work responsibilities.

To address this issue and save lives through early detection, our studio in Argentina worked with LALCEC (Liga Argentina de Lucha Contra el Cáncer), an Argentinean organization dedicated to the fight against cancer, to devise a creative solution aimed at raising awareness and inspiring action.

The campaign recognized the inadequacy of a single awareness day, such as International Breast Cancer Day, in addressing the continuous influx of breast cancer cases. A compelling approach was needed to resonate with women and motivate them to act.

The Same Piece of News Released Day After Day


Grey Argentina strategically employed PR and social media as the foundation of their idea, engaging 30 of the largest NGOs in the country to postpone their campaign launches around World Cancer Day on October 19th. This delay mirrored the tendency of women to postpone their health check-ups. Using the hashtag #Don'tPostponeYourself, Grey Argentina successfully amplified the campaign across over 50 media outlets, urging each woman to prioritize her health and schedule her annual mammogram. Each day, until November 1st, the campaign launch was further postponed, garnering an additional day of national and international media coverage for the message.


The results surpassed the initial goals, with a total organic, PR and influencer reach of 40,678,846 individuals. The campaign achieved an impressive 200% increase in mass media reach compared with the previous year and a staggering 230% increase in the value of advertising placement at $6,137,520. Most importantly, Grey Argentina successfully influenced a remarkable 275% increase in the number of mammograms conducted, reaching 1,500 screenings compared with the previous year.

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