On a Date Night


Fancy Like

That’s how we do

Summer 2021, and America needed a lift. Grey helped Applebee’s step in and get... fancy... like a date night…

Got that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake
Two straws, one check, girl, I got you

Spoil My Baby With An Upgrade


We partnered with Walker Hayes to turn his date night love story featuring Applebee’s into a culture-shifting sensation. What started as a TikTok video and dance posted by Walker and his daughter was amplified into an optimistic movement that resonated with America. We celebrated everyday TikTok users throughout the campaign in an organic and authentic way.  It not only made Applebee’s the center of 2021’s Summer’s feel-good hit, it also put the restaurant brand in the cultural spotlight.


The TikTok movement went immediately viral, racking up hundreds of millions of views and millions of shares, reaching 3x platinum and soaring to #1 on the chart. For Applebees that meant unprecedented cultural value which re-ignited brand love, more customers, and increases in sales which helped Applebees have their best year on record. With Fancy Like winning the Grand Effie at the 2022 Effie Awards, Applebees was back on top, serving good eats and chilled vibes across the country.

Grand Effie

2022 Effie Awards

4.3 Billion

Earned impressions

2 Cannes Lions

2022 Gold Lion, Entertainment Lion for Music: Excellence in Music
2022 Silver Lion, Social & Influencer

“People are looking for that natural connection and why a brand matters. These stories are natural, they're authentic and real.”
Joel Yashinsky, Chief Marketing Officer