Life Extending Stickers


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Simple stickers that help extend the lifespan of fruit and vegetables to prevent waste

When it comes to fruits and vegetables in a supermarket, food waste is an imminent problem. Their lifecycles are cut short for cosmetic reasons by a preconceived idea that ripe is wrong. Makro supermarkets decided to step up the game in retail history by extending their lives with the Life Extending Stickers.

Reducing food waste by making
fruits & vegetables live longer.


One of Makro's sustainable objectives was to reduce food waste and promote a sustainable lifestyle. So, to help the brand achieve this goal, Grey came up with a solution that responded to this necessity by educating and showing consumers that fruits and vegetables have a variety of preparations, from underripe to overripe.

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The Life Extending Sticker drew a new journey towards the dissipation of food waste in Makro and the retail industry by showing people how to extend the life of their fruits and vegetables.