The Remote

Vodafone Ireland

The Most Epic Battle for the Family Remote

A new-to-category launch that showcases the almighty power of Vodafone’s TV & entertainment offering: Vodafone TV PLAY

Vodafone needed to demonstrate how its new premium TV offering could compete with other leading players in the category. However, although Vodafone had long been a leader in Mobile and Broadband, Vodafone TV PLAY was its first major offering within the TV and entertainment category and was starting from a very low base of awareness. It was imperative to launch the new product in a way that built on the brand equity surrounding Connections (established by their Mobile and Broadband campaigns), whilst establishing new associations and credibility that drove the TV and Entertainment category.


Rather than obsess about features or speak purely in functional terms, which often meant little to consumers, our way-in was to make use of a compelling cultural insight surrounding how families enjoyed and connected through TV. We recognised that when it comes to watching TV, it’s often the family member who has the remote who gets to decide what to watch, which can often lead to a ‘family fight’. In our launch ad for ‘Vodafone TV PLAY’, we see this situation play out in a variety of blockbuster scenarios – from a mafia shootout to a medieval battlefield and then finally, in an ultramodern city chase. Thanks to Vodafone TV PLAY’s extensive channels and content, there will always be something that the whole family can enjoy together… no matter who ends up with the Remote.

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David Reviews
“It’s every family member for themselves in this 60" slobberknocker for Vodafone.”
“Spanning gangster shootouts, Viking sword fights and slick car chases, the spot is a high-octane genre journey showing the battle for button dominance.”
The Stable
“Love clever ads? This one brilliantly layered spot by Grey London for Vodafone Ireland should light your fires.”