Pig Farm


There’s no such thing as a happy pig farm

A hard hitting film that highlights the atrocities of pig farming.

British farming likes you to imagine green pastures and idyllic barnyard scenes of years gone by but PETA wanted to draw attention to the fact this this isn’t the case. Today, most British meat comes from animals who are factory farmed. In fact, the vast majority of animals raised for the table and fast food take-away live absolutely rotten lives.


Grey partnered with Biscuit to create a dark but humorous look at the realities of where our pork comes from. The animated film draws inspiration from Cuphead and Ren & Stimpy. By weaving together elements of fantasy and reality, Grey aims to spark conversations and inspire people to change their eating habits.

The cartoon film follows the journey of the pig farmer as he explains to his daughters just what his day at the factory entails. Initially it looks like an idyllic existence for the pigs, but as the film progresses the truth behind the industry’s practices begin to be uncovered.

Grey also designed merchandise available via the PETA website. Pig’s live for 6 months before they’re slaughtered, to dramatize this stat Grey created a calendar measured in pig years...so you get a calendar that stops after 6 months. Grey also released gory limited edition plates, the PETA piggy crockery set!

“It’s hard to describe the gruesome visuals and gory details in Jeff Low’s powerful new animation for PETA as ‘beautiful’, but the truth is there is glorious design in its goryness.”
“PETA’s goal is to challenge the status quo. The innovative team at Grey has achieved that. By pairing disturbing cartoon imagery with a catchy song, the spot will remind people that every piece of bacon was once a feeling being.”  
Biscuit Filmworks
“100 years from now people will not understand how we could have done what we do to these animals. I hope you enjoy the cartoon we made.”