Challenging children’s ideas of perfect teeth


Teaching Kids That Perfect Teeth Are Just Healthy Teeth

Haleon, Aquafresh’s parent company, revealed research that one in two kids feel low self-confidence because of their teeth causing them to hold back, speak or smile less, and miss out on childhood. To combat this distressing statistic, Aquafresh and Grey London joined forces to empower all kinds of teeth; from bucky gaps to snaggle tooths to tinsel-teeth, and everything in between.


Renowned British creative Rankin photographed primary school children proudly showing their healthy teeth for the campaign which can be seen across OOH and social. The campaign also sought to explore and prototype concept toothbrushes — “The Newfanglers Brushes” — where we are exploring unique brushes with names like Fangtastic and Gap Getter, to add some humour and encourage conversations about oral health between parents and children.

Rankin’s larger-than-life portraits of wonderfully wonky-toothed kids were displayed at the Perfect Teeth Are Just Healthy Teeth exhibition, in London. In addition to the exhibition there was an interactive area for kids to explore and learn about oral health.

“The campaign, created with Grey, encourages conversations between parents and children on their standout teeth and making oral health fun.”
All About Photo
“A powerful portrait exhibition featuring primary school children proudly displaying their unique smiles, complete with wobbly, gappy, and snaggly teeth.”
The Stable
“Rankin and Aquafresh are challenging this societal norm, emphasizing that healthy teeth are the true standard of beauty.”