The Most Beautiful Sound


The beautiful sound of a cancer cell being destroyed

Grey and the American Society of Clinical Oncology capture the first-ever sound of cancer cells being destroyed to create ‘The Most Beautiful Sound’

Every day in the US, 5,250 people hear the words “You have cancer". Scientific studies have shown that the diagnosis itself can lead to clinical stress, weakening the body’s immune response and ability to fight back against cancer.


To build resiliency and hope in patients, we captured a breakthrough sound in oncology—the sound of cancer cells being destroyed. We partnered with Harvard Medical School to conduct a 2-year, scientifically validated study that isolated cancer cells from different cancers at the precise moment of apoptosis and, for the first time ever, captured its sound. 

The Most Beautiful Sound is an open-sourced sound therapy that is being used by hospitals, universities, and caregivers to empower patients in their fight against cancer. At, patients can download the sounds of cancer cells being destroyed and hear real survivor stories.

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Presented to the scientific community at the world's biggest oncology convention, ASCO 2023, the project received a standing ovation from more than 50,000 oncologists.

  • Chosen by endpoints news as a highlight at ASCO 2023

  • Over 250k organic impressions including coverage

  • Globally covered including coverage in Australia, Brazil, Portugal, and the Middle East

  • Picked as Ad Age's editors choice

“Taking something invisible and giving it sound can be extremely powerful for patients in their journey against cancer.”
Dr. Conor Evans, PH.D. Associate Professor Harvard Medical School