Equal and Balanced Results



Pantene’s bias-remover equalises search results

Cultural stereotypes in our society have taught search engines to become biased. Search for greatest engineers or painters and only men will come up. In Spanish, terms for Asian women and Black women have become search words for pornography. In the official definition of genders, men are defined as “creators” while women are defined as “housewives.”

Reconstructing the Fabric of the Web


In partnership with Pantene, Grey created S.H.E: a browser-extension that reconstructs a user’s search algorithm to remove bias and reveal more accurate, equal and balanced representation. By using S.H.E., any user can give womens’ transformations the visibility they deserve. Search “Greatest engineers” and you now see Hedy Lamarr or Edith Clarke. Search “school girl”, and that now means a school girl. Ethnicity is now never a sexual invitation.

Reshma Saujani, CEO, GirlsWhoCode
Girls are conditioned to believe they can’t be that. Which is why I love this.
Refinery 29
Search engines deliver biased results. Pantene is changing that.
We share the concern about this and will continue to work to improve results.
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Pantene provides us the power to transform. We believe great transformative change is powered by the small actions we take every day. S.H.E. was launched as an open initiation, immediately sparking a global discussion.

“See what the future looks like.”
Arianna Huffington, Founder