A Soup to Remember


Songs that You can Eat with a Spoon

2024 Cannes Lions Bronze Winner

The pasta brand Marodi is named after the owner’s last name. However, in Međimurje, it sounds like a foreign Italian surname, especially considering the product category. To dismantle the disconnect, A Soup to Remember connects Marodi to the local culture, while fighting for the cause local people find relevant: preserving local folk songs. These songs are a vital pillar of Međimurje identity, therefore concrete actions toward their preservation help build a strong brand positioning in the collective minds of the people.

Every Letter Counts


Marodi released a limited collection of five books, each containing alphabet pastas that spell out the verse of a traditional folk song, with production and design led by Bruketa&Žinić&Grey. Involving educational institutions and nursery schools, invited through Marodi’s and the Alliance of Croation Cultural Associations of Međimurje County’s outreach and social channels, children are learning the local language and preserving Međimurje folk songs. The success of the project prompted Međimurje County, the local government, to declare 28th of November a Day of Popevka (traditional folk songs), to be celebrated annually.

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Međimurske novine
“Alphabet pasta is on a mission to preserve Međimurje folk song.”
Sjeverni info
“The Međimurje song is a crucial part of the region’s identity, and they want to dedicate a special day of the year to it.”
Media Marketing
“A unique collection of songs as a symbol to promote Međimurje tradition.”