Confronting Life’s Uncomfortable Truths

Mass Mutual

Uncomfortable Truths

Mass Mutual

Getting people to think about things like life insurance, retirement, and college savings isn’t easy, especially when one of America’s least favorite things to talk about are finances. That’s why the category of financial services features a lot of pleasantries like walking on a beach or families having a nice dinner.  But that’s not how real financial conversations go. We needed to show the truth.  

Protecting Your Future Starts With a Difficult Conversation.

In order to get people to consider what financial services they might need to protect their loved ones, we set out on a mission to get viewers comfortable with life’s uncomfortable truths. In a campaign spanning multiple financial needs, (disability insurance, retirement planning, and college savings), we highlighted what a real -and often uncomfortable- conversation about finances actually looks like. Alongside the conversation, we shared the factual statistics behind the dangers of not planning one’s financial future. 

The Truth Doesn’t Have to Hurt


Within the first year and a half, we drove marketing-driven sales growth across all measured consumer products, grew stagnating consideration and affinity, and drove an ever-increasing association with MassMutual and the actions customers can take toward addressing their uncomfortable financial truths. But most importantly, we welcomed a 5-year high in new customers to take on the uncomfortable and feel good about being prepared for tomorrow with MassMutual.

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