A Beautiful Sight


Shaping vision care by showing mother’s care.

A heartwarming tale about looking after each other’s vision.

Our mothers shape our vision for the world. So, when their vision is at risk, it’s only natural we do everything we can to care for them.

Globally millions of people live with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness among the elderly. When it comes to preserving their vision with treatment, doctors trust Vabysmo – 95% of retina specialists would use it to care for a loved one’s vision.


Grey partnered with Roof Studio to develop a highly crafted, animated short film that elevates the importance of our caring for our eyes by playing to our hearts. The film, shot from a son’s perspective, follows his mother as she shapes his vision for life, and ultimately how he shapes her vision when it’s at risk.

The script is a touching tribute to motherhood, while the animation elevates the beauty of our sight through relatable vibrant colors, diverse textures, highly detailed environments, and era-appropriate wardrobes. First-person perspective and unique camera movements were used to mimic human eyesight, and facial mapping technology was used to bring lifelike expressions and movements. Music by Hollywood composer Joel P. West brought warmth and a childlike sense of imagination, and over 100 sound effects added depth to each scene.

The result is an attention-grabbing and emotive short film that goes beyond the data to touch the hearts and minds of the vision loss community. A rare accomplishment in a highly regulated pharma space.

The Drum
“An innovative Mother’s Day campaign redefining how we honor moms.”
“A touching animated short film to express how mothers shape our view of the world.”
“Genentech’s Vabysmo animated short brings tears to eyes.”