318,000 Flavours, Because You Can


Unnecessary Genius

But yet totally necessary

Every snack brand does it. Snack fun all starts to look, well...boring. And for Pringles, sales weren’t looking so fun either. So Grey spotted the one thing that’s always made Pringles uniquely Pringles: its brain-power. With the engineering of its crunchy hyperbolic paraboloids, Pringles has always applied way too much brain-power to its chips. It was time to create a smarter kind of fun.

Pointless ingenuity
might just have a point


By being authentically itself, Pringles gained cultural relevance and got the world’s attention overnight. By pairing Pringles with other examples of Unnecessary Genius, the unexpected was all you could come to expect. Flavour stacking introduced 318,000 unnecessary flavours. Why not? Or why not a Wendy’s Baconator chip? In the gaming world, the Pringles’ Hunger Hammer fed you Pringles while you played with the press of a button. And multiverse travellers Rick and Morty became trapped in a Pringles’ Super Bowl ad campaign consisting entirely of Twitter stories of people getting their hands stuck in Pringles cans. If it’s genius, and unnecessary, Pringles is there.


The effectiveness of cultural relevance continues to outsmart the competition. For two years in a row, Pringles has now seen its fastest growth in history, becoming a $2B business for the first time ever. For three years in a row, Pringle’s brand favorability metrics have eclipsed past records.