Lockdowns to Lock-Ins


Adopt a Keg

Helping bars come back stronger, one keg at a time

The effect of COVID lockdown orders meant an overnight drop of on-trade beer sales. Carlsberg suffered a 6.8% sales decline in the first quarter of 2020. For everyday families, that meant the gathering bar around the corner faced the threat of closure. They needed our help.

The Little Keg That Could


Introducing Adopt a Keg. Powered by a new e-commerce platform, Adopt a Keg is a way you to purchase, fill and reserve a physical keg in your local bar with the beer you’re drinking at home. When bars reopen, your adopted keg is waiting for you to share with friends, helping bars come back stronger. So, can we drink like there is a tomorrow? Probably.

Has the brand’s sincere approach raised the bar for brands during the lockdown? Probably.
This is a really Carlsberg way to help.
Marketing Zeitgeist
Can’t adopt a pet? Adopt a keg instead.

A holistic campaign approach drove immediate impact.

The launch film elevated brand awareness, the social media campaign drove engagement, the companion app drove conversion, and in-store campaigns drove at point sales. By seamlessly integrating off-trade outlets to be redeemed on-trade, Adopt a Keg connected Carlsberg’s ecosystem for maximum amplification.


New direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform and companion app


Beers that helped bars come back stronger


Limited-edition Liverpool championship edition prize