Chords of Calamity


The Berlin Wall of Sound

The sounds of sacrifice 25 years on

Back in 1989, SoundCloud’s headquarters would have been part of the Death Zone along the Berlin Wall. To honour the 120 women, men and children that lost their lives in their attempts for freedom, SoundCloud aimed for a deeper resonance in bringing back the emotions of the time. Through creating a waveform interrupted by the audio peaks of gunfire, the iconic SoundCloud soundbars mirrored the architectural outline of the Berlin Wall.

Sound Bars of Bullets


Recognized by critically acclaimed music producer, Porter Robinson, as “one of the most beautiful and eerie uses of the internet that I’ve ever seen” - The Berlin Wall of Sound made the internet pause and reflect in a way it never had before. Streamed over 145,000 times since its release, the recognition of the tragic events that occurred in this era of history have been immortalised by SoundCloud.

The piece is haunting, touching, and forces a remembrance of the tragic events of the era.
Porter Robinson
This is one of the most beautiful and eerie uses of the internet that I’ve ever seen.
Federal Agency for Civic Education Germany
An acoustical reconstruction of The Berlin Wall, marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall.
The Berlin Wall of Sound-IMG1.jpg

The visual and aural memorial lasts 7 minutes and 32 seconds, reflecting the time needed for sound to travel the 155 kilometre length of the Berlin Wall. Site space typically reserved for comments was replaced with tags to depict the victims. SoundCloud received global recognition for its ability to resonate.

“The Wall of Sound deserves a standing ovation. The depth of storytelling and emotional resonance truly transcended advertising.”
Stacey Lee, ABC News