Turning barcodes into access codes


Access Codes

Haleon is revolutionizing healthcare by creating accessible packaging for the visually impaired by creating barcodes that speak important information aloud.

Important, lifesaving information and warnings are written on every consumer healthcare product. But what about the hundreds of millions who have difficulty reading or seeing? For them, health inclusivity is a serious problem. As a leading consumer healthcare company, Haleon needed to provide equal access to important healthcare information on all their products. But creating accessible packaging is a long and complex process, unless you use the one universal element already on every pack: the barcode.


Where others only saw purchasing power, we saw a way to make customers lives safer by turning our barcodes into access codes: the world's first barcodes that speak all the important healthcare information from the label. We collaborated with Microsoft to enhance the functionality of the Seeing AI app, enabling the barcode scanner to read all the product and safety information on Haleon labels aloud. For the first time ever, the customer experience was made accessible without the need to redesign, packaging or restock shelves. The launch was supported by an audio first omni-channel campaign – Always Read the Label. Our aim is to make over 20,000 Haleon products accessible through a global rollout.

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Our earned reach was 547+ million impressions, 67% of that number coming from audio and we saw an increase of 10 times more app downloads with the potential to bring accessible packaging to 100 global markets. And improve the lives of over 1 billion people.

“Singing toiletries illustrate Haleon's ad explaining app that reads labels for visually impaired customers.”
Little Black Book
“Campaign from WPP and Grey New York announces the consumer health leaders partnership with Microsoft.”
“Finally, blind people like myself can access such crucial information just like anybody else.”
Amar Latif, Television Presenter & Entrepreneur