Mr. P


The Movie No One Saw Became Impossible To Unsee

Earning Pringles Hollywood Movie Attention Without Ever Making a Hollywood Movie.

If you asked people to “name a potato chip”, they are less likely to name Pringles. The brand struggled to be top of mind. How did Grey change that? Well, with Hollywood becoming obsessed with making movies about brands, Grey set out to get Pringles that same level of attention… without ever really making a movie.


Grey partnered with the guy who’s been playing every branded character ever (Chris Pratt) and teased the world’s newest movie based on Pringles’ mascot: Mr P. On Hollywood's biggest day for movie announcements: The Super Bowl. The results? The internet created the hype for us – with fan-made trailers, casting reviews and even a potential script. Giving Pringles the same type of attention that movies get… without ever making one.

Mr P KV 3
“I would watch this movie, tbh.”
Entertainment weekly
“The Role of a lifetime.”
“First Mario, then Garfield, now Mr.P.”
6 Billion

Earned media impressions

60% more

Headlines than Doritos during Super Bowl 2024

500% more

Social conversation than Super Bowl 2023