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Reclame Aqui, Corruption Detector

We put the power to recognize crooked politicians in the palms of the Brazilian people's hands . 

General elections were held in Brazil in October 2018. More than 40,000 candidates favored by a complex justice system designed to hide their acts of corruption were flooding the country with electoral campaigns. That's why ReclameAQUI, the number one consumer-protection company in Brazil, decided to expand its business to citizen-rights. And in a country with over 200 million smartphones, there was no better way to fight corruption then turning their phones into a weapon against corruption. Based on facial recognition, Corruption Detector is a free app that draws on a comprehensive database with all the official records of corruption, previously hidden in hundreds of courts across Brazil. By simply pointing a phone at a candidate, voters can spot the corrupt ones in purple, no matter where they are: TV, papers, internet, outdoors and even in person. All data organized by the app is available for reference at any time. And on election day, users received an important notification: a reminder not to vote for a corrupt politician. The strategy was simple: when corrupt politicians show their faces, we drop their masks. In a year when politicians must ask for votes to a country where there is a smartphone for each citizen, we gave a useful weapon to voters that left the corrupt ones no place to hide.