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Pantene, Baby Chanco

We turned Baby Chanco, a tot-sized social influencer with luscious locks, into a globally heart-melting model for Pantene.

Japan has a culture filled with conformity. In fact, research reveals that one in two Japanese women in their 20's say, “I feel uneasy when I do/look different from others”. In 2018, Pantene launched a new brand platform "The Power to Transform" encouraging people to be different, not to conform and to own their unique individuality. When a baby girl was born with out-of-this-world voluminous hair, she was quite different from most Japanes babies. Her mother received mixed reactions, some positive and some negative.

Baby Chanco, a one year old infant, became the new face of Pantene in Japan, an unexpected influencer to help spread their message of love and acceptance. A short movie called "The Hairy Tail by babychanco" released in December 2018 on Chanco's first birthday. The story encouarages everyone to embrace each other's individuality, that differences are what makes us all special. Pantene and Baby Chanco showed that when differences are embraced, the world can be a much nicer place.