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Mahindra Rise, The Health Purse

We created a purse for Indian women to protect their money and their health, by raising awareness of breast cancer.

The incidence of breast cancer is on the rise in rural India, while the awareness of simple preventive self checks is very low. Moreover, culturally women are not open about their health issues in these remote villages, which is why the reminder medium needed to be something discreet and personal - A 'Batua', the traditional Indian women's purse. The best way to effect any behaviour change is to ride on existing cultural behaviour.

Women in rural India have a unique practice when it comes to protecting their money - they keep their purses in their blouses right next to their breasts. Using this specific cultural insight, Mahindra Rise designed custom purses with illustrations of women checking themselves - which served as a reminder to perform the simple breast self-examination steps provided inside. The purses were printed on skin-friendly cloth and designed using 9 famous Indian folk-art styles. The 'batua' thus became a purse that didn't just protect their wealth, but their health as well.