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K+, Friendshit 

A story about a girl trying to make friends at school shows that the one thing all kids connect over is how easy it is to use the K+ app.

Everyone feels a bit uncomfortable and awkward when they meet new people, especially Thai people. GREYnJ United partnered with Kasikornbank to launch Friendshit; a story about a girl who hilariously tries to make friends at her new school with constant help from her bestie back home. In the film, Hui is leaving her town to study in Bangkok. As she bids goodbye to her only friend, Kluay, at the bus stop, Hui fears that she won't be able to make friends at her new school. Kluay encourages Hui to start up conversations with her new schoolmates, easier said than done.

Kluay's talking points for Hui eventually directs Hui to talk about things that everyone knows, everyone uses, simple and mainstream. After many attempts failed, her bestie’s final suggestion is to start a conversation about K Plus, a free mobile banking application from Kasikornbank. The film weaves in the K Plus app as a mechanism to break the ice with people from all walks of life. The app is so easy to use that everybody uses it, making it the most relatable conversation starter. Eventually, she succeeds. This brilliant film uses unique storytelling to narrate a universal truth.