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Hyundai, MotorStudio

Hyundai created an automobile theme park, inviting visitors to get intimate with and excited about everything to do with the making of cars.

In hopes of giving its consumers a wider perspective beyond their cars, Hyundai launched a spectacular concept dealership named “Hyundai MotorStudio.” To say it was a series of newly curated retail full of cultural and innovative experiences would be true but a vast understatement. The two-part establishment, located in southern (Gangnam) and northern Seoul (Goyang), was each implemented under the concept of a cultural space and brand museum, respectively. Hyundai MotorStudio Gangnam, a family-friendly cultural venue, offers five stories of diverse ways to immerse oneself in the brand Hyundai. From a library to a car exhibit to a children’s lounge, this space depicts the world of Hyundai automobiles in a creative and experiential way. The largest automobile experiential theme park in Korea, Hyundai MotorStudio Goyang was built as a brand museum to show the making of a car, all the way from its metal roots. Countless interactive media, including the wind mapping media composition and digital clay modeling of one’s own dream car, allow for a thorough and surreal experience of Hyundai Motors’ technology and philosophy. With these two monumental automobile landmarks in Seoul, Hyundai was able to take a step further into forming a closer bond with its consumers.