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Hong Kong Tourism Board, Old Town Central

Travelers navigate a new landscape in a 100-year-old neighborhood through art-inspired QR codes.

Modern-day Hong Kong may be best known for its glossy skyscrapers and world-class attractions, but to understand how the city became the bustling metropolis that it is today, visitors need to see Old Town Central; a collective of neighboorhoods with over 100 years of history. Hong Kong Tourism Board needed to make sure that tourists were getting the “authentic” experience of Hong Kong’s oldest and recently hippest neighbourhoods. Wanting to encourage more people to visit this dynamic district, Hong Kong Tourism Board revived the area known as "Old Town Central" by introducing people to different thematic routes to explore: Tasting Hong Kong, Crazy for Art, Time Traveler and Treasure Hunt. To facilitate this experience, art-inspired QR Codes were displayed at various locations within the district. Each element of design used to create the exclusive QR Codes were inspired by the real-life experiences such as visiting a temple or drinking traditional Chinese Tea. Once scanned, the QR Code takes you to a web page from where one can access the information to the four routes and locations for culture, art, heritage and dining - this is when the adventure truly begins.