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A1, The Bedtime Storytellers 

Seniors, isolated in retirement homes, became bedtime storytellers and forged bonds across generations.

In Slovenia, the number of senior citizens living in retirement homes increases by one third every 7 years. Losing contact with the outside world can cause a decline in cognitive abilities and can lower self-esteem. With its legacy of promoting intergenerational cooperation, A1 Telecommunications Slovenia wanted to address this issue by cementing a bond between older and younger generations, improving cognitive abilities and creating a sense of purpose. We launched a nationwide program giving seniors in retirement homes an opportunity to reconnect with youth by becoming Bedtime Storytellers. Seniors read and recorded unique bedtime fairy tales on their mobile devices, creating a vast library of podcasts that were featured on a special website. Parents could access the library through Soundcloud, allowing the seniors' voices to lull their toddlers to sleep each night. The unforgettable audio experience even gave children a chance to thank the storytellers directly through the platform. In only 6 weeks, Bedtime Storytellers reached 30% of all Slovenian parents with toddlers, making seniors across Slovenia feel useful and integrating them back into society.