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Redefining an insult into a symbol of strength for girls to stay in sports

Sports have the power to transform. Sports don't just keep your body healthy, it teaches us crucial life-skills such as teamwork, self-confidence, leadership and positive body-image. All vital attributes needed to help raise the next generation of strong women. Yet, by the age of 14, girls are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys. Bullying and insults fuelled by out-dated values are one of the primary causes. In Malaysia, one such insult is Wanita Besi - which directly translates as 'Iron Lady', which in this context is used as a negative, unfeminine, unflattering term of abuse to young girls.

Pantene launched a series of films with National sports heroes, themselves victims of bullying, where they renamed themselves #WanitaBesi - redefining the phrase a through the lens of real female achievement. A wrist band, that doubled as a hair tie, with the ‘insult’ embroidered on it – over 100,000 were given out on pack – sportswomen, news anchors, fashion designers, schoolgirls and fitness celebrities all wore the ‘insult’ with pride. Creating a new meaning of the word to signify Iron Lady as strength, confidence, pride and will – urging girls across the country to Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, Stay in Sports.