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Volts by Volvo

Volvo’s mission is to become a 100% climate-neutral car manufacturer by 2025.

Volvo’s mission is to become a 100% climate-neutral car manufacturer by 2025. Therefore Volvo is taking real initiatives towards reaching that goal, both from the brand’s perspective as the consumer’s perspective. Volvo wanted to position itself as the pioneer of electric driving at the 2019 Brussels Motor Show, especially in online and PR coverage. But with many competitors stealing the attention with new electric models, Volvo needed a big statement of another level. 

Our insight? The automotive industry is enduring one of its most important challenges to date. Its impact on the environment is massive, and pressure of the general public for sustainable innovation is building up. It is why car brands worldwide are shifting towards electric vehicles, which will account for 30% of all car sales by 2025. And while this is the first major step, none of these brands are talking about the real elephant in the room: can we ensure these electric vehicles are also charged sustainably? About 91% of people buying electric cars do so to lessen their impact on the environment. The paradox, however, is that 56% of these drivers are not aware of the source of their energy. Volvo believes in driving electric, but also wants people to charge sustainably.  

Volvo made sure you had the opportunity to drive green by charging green, by offering its own energy contract ‘Volts By Volvo’ using pure wind and solar energy. 

Volvo shifted its business from a pure car manufacturer to a green energy provider as well, by offering electric drivers the opportunity of a 100% green energy contract - partnered & powered by Eneco (100% Belgian energy out of wind and solar power).