Some Things Only Work in Twos


Savanna Cider “Jab Jab”

Using language to demonstrate sometimes two is better than one.

When the 2021 festive season arrived in South Africa after the longest eleven months in history, we knew a second jab would be the last thing on the mindsmind of 18 to 24-year-olds, Savanna’s core market. Plus, nobody had said two words about the one-dose dilemma - the popular, false belief that a single shot was adequate protection. Savanna had a duty to remind our youth that “some things only work in twos”, like the Pfizer vaccine.

It’s a Win Win


Many South African words use duplicate syllables, like “toyi-toyi”, “what-what”, and “gogo”. These words are common to all indigenous South African languages. So, Savanna Cider used this unique linguistic habit to prove the point that two vaccines are better than one. By airing “JabJab” on the radio, a mass medium in South Africa, it traveled far and wide, using humor to break through to form another linguistic duplicate in the lexicon.

Campaign Brief Asia
#OrchidsandOnions: Taking a jab at Covid.
Branding in Asia
Grey and Savanna win Gold and Bronze at 2022 Cannes Lions.
Cannes you even? Grey and Savanna win Gold and Bronze at Cannes Lions 2022.
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Over the festive season in 2021, when vaccination rates were expected to decline due to the holidays, the number of fully vaccinated South Africans went from 24% of the population to just under 30%. We would never be quite so rah-rah as to claim all the credit for that, of course. Nevertheless, the impact of the chit-chat we stirred up can’t be pooh-poohed.


Increase in vaccinations over the 2021 festive season

“Savanna Jab Jab is a simple radio ad, but it also does three very important things for society: it is a public service vaccine message, it is a nostalgic reminder of our local slang, and it uplifts a nation through humour!” #notjustaradioad
Maijaliina Hansen-Chipps, Category lead for Savanna & RTDs at Distell
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