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Trapped In Advertising

Rick & Morty are known for traveling to terrifying universes. In 2020, we trapped them in the most terrifying universe of all: Advertising.

Rick and Morty are known for traveling to the most terrifying universes. So, in 2020, we decided to trap them in the worst universe imaginable: Advertising. First, we trapped them in a Super Commercial. Next, in this hellscape dimension where everything is marketing, Rick’s alter ego got trapped in a new flavor: Pickle Rick Pringles. Which exploded nationwide. A Twitterbot Morty was trapped on social, shilling Pringles on the addiest night of the year: Super Bowl. And the show’s own mobile game was seized to become a platform to sell Pringles. By trapping Rick and Morty in the worst possible dimension, Pringles got some of its best ever sales. And we showed that the universe holds no terrors worse than capitalism.