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The Walking Undead

Because of the Beauty and shining skin, this A-listed star is being chased by the Zombies! Here is how CHAME’ COLLAGEN PLUS safe her

There’s a zombie apocalypse on earth and it keeps getting worse. When a beautiful young woman is cornered by a bunch of hangry zombies, it’s her radiant and glowing skin that saved her. Instead of devouring their target, the zombies are more interested in how to get that perfect skin. The answer is a collagen drink from beauty supplement brand Chamé. The Thai market is flooded with many supplements that ultimately promise the same benefits: better skin, hair, figure, health... Almost all the brands are represented by celebrities, with beautiful yet easily forgettable ads that can get confusing for consumers. Chamé, a collagen drink, is presented by popular Thai actress, Aum Patcharapa, who also represents a variety of different brands. So it was crucial to make the communication highly memorable. Consumers were delighted to see something entirely different than the usual forgettable images. The entertaining film was a refreshing surprise and hit 1 million views on the first day.