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The Real Machado De Assis

We revealed the real face of Brazil's most important writer to correct a historical mistake.

He was black, but his image was whitened so that Machado de Assis could be appreciated by racism that was so rampant in the 19th century.

Zumbi dos Palmares, a university that defends black causes, wanted to rewrite this story by recreating the image of the writer based on historical data and recently discovered photos. This image was made available on the internet to make this unjust history public and to update his image as a black person everywhere around the country.

The campaign was embraced by Brazil's most influential voices, creating a historical erratum and showing the country the real face of Machado de Assis. And for the first time in history, a book was printed with the image of a black Machado de Assis. In addition, his image was updated in the Brazilian Academy of Literature - an institution founded by him.

The Real Machado de Assis. History rewritten for a fairer future.