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The Life Saving Soap Opera

A Pop Culture Crossover to save lives in the real world

Peru has the lowest number of organ donors in Latin America. Just 1.6 donors per every million people. Soap operas, however, have some of the highest audience levels in the whole Latin American region. It’s so popular, when a character die in a TV series, it becomes national news with massive media coverage.

So, we decided to take advantage of this context to demonstrate the importance of being an organ donor with an action never done before. The Life Saving Soap Operas is an organ donation between the characters from two totally different series. We changed the scripts of the two series with the largest audiences in the country. Yair, one of the leading characters of the series "Ojitos Hechiceros 2" died and donated his kidney to Lorenzo, the main character of "Señores Papis" saving his life.

A Pop Culture Crossover that starts in fiction turns into reality to save the lives of thousands of people.