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The Choice

It's Time for White America To Be Anti-Racist

As our country was reeling from the murder of George Floyd, one of our biggest clients felt a sense of urgency to do something and wanted our help. What could be said? What should a brand do at a time like this? Is there anything we could possibly do or say that would help? We partnered with Cartwright, our sibling agency in LA, to develop a raw and open message from P&G that might actually create change. P&G was not new to this topic. They started important conversations around race with “The Talk” and “The Look”. Conversations with a huge, mainstream audience that create understanding. Understanding leads to empathy. Empathy leads to action. More than anything, we needed this third one to move people, a lot of people, beyond expressing feelings on social media, to do something. The film is about the responsibility of white people to take anti-racist action and help fight the battle that Black people cannot win alone. This is not a one-off, but part of an ongoing anti-racism program called “Take on Race” that’s starting with a website of resources, as well as a $5M fund to aid anti-racist organizations.