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SAU, Break the Taboo

We took the taboo out of prostate screenings by performing one during the taping of this commercial. 

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in adult men and after the age of 50, every man should have an annual check-up. Early detection can save many lives, but the examination used to detect it is considered a taboo topic. On top of this, many believe it's an uncomfortable, painful and invasive procedure. To prove that it isn't, and to help shatter that taboo, the SAU (Sociedad Argentina de Urologia) created a radio spot in which the test was carried out on the speaker as he recorded himself.

At the end of the spot, the speaker invited listeners to discover how inoffensive the test is by watching the video of the experience on the social platforms of the Argentine Society of Urology. It became the most commented and shared content in the history of the institution. In the first weeks, together with the views on social media, the number of inqueries regarding check-ups and further information about prevention increased by six times. Sometimes in order to change behavior, you simply need to change the perception and Break The Taboo.