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Reclame Aqui, The Canceller

Using AI, Reclame AQUI created a bot that cancels contracts for consumers, without them having to wait on hold. The Canceller never quits.

Canceling a service is often one of the most frustrating tasks of consumer life, which commonly gets people so annoyed that they just give up. Big corporations create all kinds of machines and obstacles with exactly that outcome in mind, they don't want it to be easy. To counter their tactics, Reclame Aqui decided to play the same game. In Brazil, they have always been the most effective weapon for consumers to solve problems with big companies but it was time to push their efficiency to the next level. By analyzing more than 10 million complaints from 2017 alone, Reclame Aqui found more than 1.5 million complaints from customers about their attempts to cancel services they no longer want. Introducing, The Canceller, a bot that integrates the powerful artificial intelligence of IBM Watson with Amazon's digital assistant (Alexa), and Google Cloud to directly benefit the consumer. The result is an unyielding, relentless, purpose-driven bot, capable of calling company' call centers and navigating past the endless menus and protocols to successfully cancel the service. It never gives up. Ever. And it gets better and better. The longer The Canceller is used, the more it learns and the smarter it becomes. Corporate companies' worst nightmare and your new best friend.