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Lucozade, Anthony Joshua

A biopic of heavyweight Anthony Joshua celebrates how fast he moved and how far he came in this Made to Move campaign.

Plotting Anthony Joshua’s move from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of his sport. The film opens on a council estate where we see Joshua as a baby moving by kicking his legs in the air. From there, his desire to move doesn’t stop – until early, promising exploits in running and football are brought to a sudden halt midway through the film as he’s stopped and slammed into a police van. This is the crossroads in the film where we see Joshua turn his life around. The pace picks up anew, with metaphoric shots of Joshua Laying bricks– a job he took following his arrest – interspersed with jabs delivered in training for a new calling: boxing.

This film tells his story using real insights from his family and friends, many of whom appear in the film. The film aired the week running up to his biggest fight at Wembley Stadium in the UK. The fight was the biggest box office fight on record and the film appeared around all of the key millstones in the run up to the fight including the last spot on sky box office before the fight started. The intensity increases throughout the film until we cut to real footage of the knockout blow delivered in his 2015 fight with Dillian Whyte. It ends with the line ‘nobody ever moved forward standing still'.