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K+, Face/Off

We showed that anybody can get used to an electronic update and learn to love the new version of old software. 

Updates are great. But it's common for Thais to feel awkward and uncomfortable when dealing with changes or something they're unfamiliar with. K PLUS is updating it's firmware and changing how it looks. So how does a brand handle 9 million people's feeling all at once? They needed to announce the update to many users who might not like the idea of change.

This film is a follow up to the globally-acclaimed commercial "Friendshit" put out by K PLUS months before. The premise of this very funny and very clever three minute film is that "change is awesome". It's a theme that is creatively driven by another dramatically understated K PLUS chracter who watches his girlfriend Fern change dozens of times right in front him as they speak. At first he complains about each change or "update" as various versions of Fern, some male, some female, some young, some old, question his reluctance. Eventually he comes around appreciating the good that comes with change and it's quite fun watching him get there.