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Gillette First Shave

Pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a man.

Every man remembers his first shave. It's the moment you know you've arrived. For over a century, Gillette has been a part of this rite of passage. But now it's time we celebrated every man, no matter when it happens. First Shave follows four transgender men as they take a crucial first step into manhood – shaving. Each man’s journey is unique – some fraught with fear, some surrounded by people they love, some alone. But each story is united by the joy and pride of finally having the opportunity to partake in this timeless rite of passage into manhood.

Their stories of transition parallel that of a brand in transition – moving from talking about features and benefits of their products and featuring cisgender stereotypical males, to one that celebrates the broadest and most inspiring interpretation of ‘The Best A Man Can Get’. A microsite houses the First Shave content series and includes a short documentary, the individual stories of each man, and a how-to shaving video starring one of our heroes.