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 A Sign from St. Florian

Priests distribute saint cards in Poland at Christmas, so we invented one that detects blocked vents, reducing carbon monoxide poisoning. 

More than 100 Poles die each winter of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by blocked ventilation in their homes. Carbon monoxide doesn't care who it kills; Catholics, Orthodox, belivers, non-believers, rich and poor. Poland is a religious country, with a strong tradition of parish priests going to believers' homes around Christmas. During these pastoral visits, priests hand out pictures of saints to guard the homes from evil and threats. St. Nicolos will keep robbers away, St. Christofer will keep you safe from car accidents, but this year priests of various religions had quite a different picture to give away; the picture of St. Florian, the patron of firefighters and chimney sweeps. These pictures were masterfully created by iconic Polish painter, Tamara Penwell. Differences in pressure move the air and flowing air creates a draft in the vent. So, if you place a piece of paper in front of a working vent, it should stick and if it doesn't, it's a sign that the home is not properly ventilated. Almost 30 million St. Florian pictures were distributed out of Poland's 37 million population. The picture of St. Florian became a tool that saves people's lives regardless of the religion. Plus, it was the first ever holy picture that was actually proven to work.