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Volvo, Volts by Volvo

Most electric cars use fossil fuels to charge, but Volts took clean energy all the way home.

In Belgium, 56% of electric car drivers don't think about where their energy comes from. But what's the point of driving electric if your energy isn't green? Volvo's latest campaign, Volts by Volvo, is a new energy contract for your home providing 100% green electricity so that drivers aren't just using electric cars, but charging them with green energy; no impact, zero emissions. At the Brussels Motor Show, the marque launched "Volts by Volvo" marketed as "the most competitive green energy contract for your house on the market". It offers energy generated from both wind and solar, provided by green energy expert Eneco.

The campaign was picked up by every major media outlet in Belgium and the program has potential to go global with the partnership of other energy providers and perhaps, other car brands. Volvo believes in sustainabilty and plans to offer hybrid or full-electric motors on every model launched in 2019. Volvo also pledges to produce their last full-gasoline car in 2025, the first main auto manufacturer to make that promise. Hopefully this program will start to put pressure on the auto industry at large.