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Volvo, HR90 Interviewing Car

To show off the powerful AI technology in the HR90, we had the car interview and recruit its own technicians. 

Volvo needed to recruit highly skilled car technicians during the 2018 Motorshow, the biggest car event in the country. They set very ambitious sales objectives with a smaller media budget than the German competitors, and had to find a way to cut through the clutter. There needed to be stopping power that put the spotlight on Volvo showcasing how innovative they are as a company. But instead of making a film or presentation about their vehical innovations, they decided to remake something a little less expected - their hiring process.

By adding Artificial Intelligence to the car’s software and safety systems, Volvo’s flagship luxury sedan turned into a car that is able to recruit its own technicians. Meet The Recruiting Car. The software was engineered to enable the car to complete intake interviews tapping into the vehicle’s speech and facial recognition features. Volvo showed the most coveted car technicians in the world just how innovative they truly are, by making their recruiting process as innovative as the cars they make.