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Renaissance Man

A call to all online retailers who are not renaissance men

The online retail market is a competitive one. To stay ahead, online entrepreneurs have to excel at everything from marketing to logistics, financing, account management, shipping… and on top of that, everything has to be done right and done swiftly. It can be overwhelming and especially challenging for new starters who are looking to switch to selling online, but often do not know where to start or feel intimidated by all the work required. Kasikornbank, Thailand’s leading bank, has launched MADHUB –  a suite of services aimed at online shop owners, to help them take care of all their online business needs. To announce this, an entertaining spot was created to recognize the multi-faceted needs of an online business, by featuring a renaissance man. Chainarong is a Thai boxing champion. He is also a multi-linguist, a German teacher, a makeup influencer, an online shop owner with his own international streetwear brand, a coffee bean origin expert, a master painter in impressionism, a top pastry chef, a sonata concert pianist… If by any chance you weren’t another renaissance man/woman just like Chainarong, who excels at absolutely everything, then rest assured that MADHUB is here to help take care of all your online business needs.