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Burger King, The Not Big Macs 

When McDonald's lost rights to the Big Mac name, a Stockholm Burger King rebranded its menu: Big Mac-themed burgers with Burger King flair.

Burger King and McDonald's have a long history of battling for the top burger chain title  with Burger King typically being the runner-up, until now. McDonalds sued a small Irish hamburger chain called Super Macs regarding their iconic hamburger name "Big Mac". Not only did they lose the law suit, they also lost the exclusive rights to the name Big Mac within the entire EU. The world press reported about this, and less than a week after the news hit, Burger King changed the menu board in one of their Stockholm restaurants. They decided to take full advantage of the now-available "Big Mac" name to use McDonald's own product to show off their Burger King's own product benefits. The cheekily-named items included: Like a Big Mac, but Actually Big; the King of Like a Big Mac, but Juicier and Tastier; What the Burger Big Mac Wished it Was; the Anything But a Big Mac; and the Big Mac-ish but Flame Grilled Of Course! None of the items on the menu were new – just rebranded. The stunt took on a global journey and eventually reached 4.77 billion impressions.