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Braun, Design Language

A reductive geometric language, created to communicate Braun's brand essence to a modern audience across all touchpoints.

For over 70 years, Braun has been producing some of the most iconic industrial design in the world, resulting in a body of work unmatched in quality, beauty and consistency. Today, Braun is one of the only museum quality brands still producing products at a mass scale. But despite owning a unique design language, the communications design over the last decades has lead to a brand identity that was common and unremarkable. The brief was to reinvigorate the modern brand by bridging it’s past as the definitive industrial design brand but in a way relevant for modern communication channels. A reductive geometric language was created, derived from product design past and present, and reframed to communicate the brand essence to a modern audience who uses Brauns current products. A system was developed around the new design language, balancing core principles of functionality and order with aesthetic beauty and craft. Developed to work across all touchpoints from retail to poster to ecommerce and digital, the new look and feel successfully bridged the past and the present.