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David Gianatasio | June 22, 2020

P&G's Poignant Pride Film Imagines a World Without Hesitation for LGBTQ+ Folks

No one should have to put their love on 'pause'

Procter & Gamble marks Pride Month with "The Pause," a short film that examines the moment of hesitation for LGBTQ+ people as they decide how to introduce a partner, or consider how much of themselves to reveal in casual conversations with strangers, co-workers and even some friends.

Developed with Grey New York, the 60-second spot takes a direct approach, presenting candid interviews with diverse members of the LGBTQ+ community. This format adds a layer of irony and pathos, because the PSA deals with the emotional distress caused by avoiding directness and hesitating to share one's true self. 

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